Saturday, May 13, 2006

the words of Sheri (and her friend)

(insert words from Wordsworth's "Daffodil")

Daffodil, by Sheri and her friend Michele
with apologies to William Wordsworth. (Except he's dead)
Copyright © 2006
All rights reserved

We wandr'd social as the birds
That fly so high o'er vales and hills
When all at once we saw just one
A single tiny daffodil
Far from the lake, far from the trees
Swaying and sighing in the breeze

All alone, just like the moon
That twinkles in the nighttime sky
It stood alone without a friend
Would it survive the long stormy nigh?
It stood there like a single chopstick
Unnoticed, it was stepped on and kicked.

And oft, when on the couch I lie
In vacant or a pensive mood
It flashes upon that inward eye
Which is the pain of solitude
And then my heart with sadness fills
And withers with the daffodil.

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Anonymous said...

good grief sheri- you are quite a writter-wow-beth estrada