Monday, May 29, 2006

How well do I hate duplicity?

"From thy precepts I get understanding / therefore I hate every false way." - Ps 119.104

Some years back, a friend shared this verse with me. There are a lot of great verses in Psalm 119, though there's a fair amount of repetition too.

But thinking about this... do I hate subterfuge, deceit?

The temptation is to talk about what happens when the nazis knock on your door to see if you're harboring anyone, but of course that's not the usual time I'm tempted to let a false impression linger, especially if it excuses me or is overly flattering to me or overly negative about someone I don't like.

So I don't hate every false way. I don't like false ways, but that's not the same as hating them. I guess that means I haven't got enough understanding from the Lord's precepts. Somehow the psalmist did... meditating upon Leviticus "all the day."


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