Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bus Stop

So we're in Ashland at the Shakespeare festival, seeing only one play by Will. This afternoon we saw Inge's Bus Stop, a totally excellent production of a profound play. With all its sexual innuendo, I can hardly believe it was written and performed in the 1950s. My high school psychology teacher had referred to this play to illustrate a concept psycholgists call negative transfer of training. Bo, a 21-year old cowboy from Montana, saw a cow and roped it. He saw a woman and he roped her, too. Bad idea.

But the play was about a lot more than that. There are insecurities all around. There is learning and growth. The cowboy from Montana grows up a lot, and the chanteuse, who sings to a bunch of drunken men at the nightclub "down by the stockyards"...

Well, you really should see it. Or at least read it.

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