Saturday, September 20, 2008

A taste of heaven? at the Korean Palace

It's my birthday! Well, not really, but it's conveniently close, and we had a lovely dinner with two couples, friends we met in the '80s, back when we were all in the same singles' group at our church.

We met at the Korean Palace on Stevens Creek, where I don't think we've been since 1992 anyway. It's across a little street from a Falafel Drive-In, as it was the last time we were there. The food was great, especially the little dishes of vegetables -- different kinds of kim chee, mook, sook choo namul, myuk (I don't know how you'd write those in English).

But what was truly lovely, other than the fact that our friends split the bill and wouldn't even let us cover the tip, was the sweetness of our time together. All three families had traveled recently -- Dale and Carole were in Europe, as were Jim and Colleen, and of course we've been to Alaska. We heard about each others' travels, heard how much the children enjoyed the travel, heard from each other the blessings we've received, and enjoyed the adventure of discovering new and delicious food.

And as I think of another year's passing, with all the blessings we've received (when things have gone well, and not so well), it's good to remember how the Lord has brought us through them. And, in a not-really-contradictory thought, it occurred to me that I'm another year closer to eternity with Him, when we won't have to leave the table, nor pay the bill.

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