Saturday, September 20, 2008

Space--the final frontier

When we started our kitchen remodeling project, we moved the kitchen table out to the den, put the old microwave oven on it, moved the old 'fridge out to the patio, and so on. The project has now progressed to the point that we have a working 'fridge and microwave oven, so the old 'fridge and microwave are no longer needed--just in the way. Ditto the old table.

So the lovely Carol called several local charities -- nobody was interested in the 'fridge. Astonishing! Were we going to have to do something like craigslist? Then yesterday morning, along came someone interested in the old microwave oven. (We bought it maybe 9 years ago for under $50, and I've repaired the turntable twice. Everything works.) One problem solved.

Then in the afternoon, she found someone who needed the rest -- a relative of a friend, living on disability payments. So off went the 'fridge and the table.

Several hours later, in came the younger teen. "Everything's gone!" she exclaimed. "We have room! We have room!" She danced gleefully back and forth through the Ghost of Table Past.

Now to boldly go where no kitchen countertop has gone before...

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