Tuesday, September 09, 2008

blogger v. wordpress (and typepad)

I've tried about three blog sites, and I haven't used them extensively, but I'll tell you what I know.
  • blogger.com
    • hosts this site (and http://anything.blogspot.com)
    • it's free
    • statistics are minimal, but you can add free counters/trackers from http://clustrmaps.com and http://www.onestatfree.com and their ilk
    • you can preview your formatting while disconnected because of humongus javascript downloaded into your browser. This is the best thing about blogger in my opinion.
  • wordpress.com
    • hosts http://waywords.wordpress.com
    • it's free
    • statistics and lots of other cool widgets are built-in; of course you can also add http://clustrmaps.com etc. if you like
    • BUT: preview inevitably results in a save to the mothership; your preview comes from there. So no offline previewing. If you're always connected this isn't an issue, but I'm often out of wifi's reach so this is a bummer.
  • typepad
    • hosts http://californiaroll.blogs.com (blog of the lovely Carol) and http://anything.blogs.com
    • it costs like $5-$6 a month maybe?
    • At times I have felt that the site had fewer outages than blogger.com, but that was just a feeling. blogger.com has been pretty good lately. I haven't been using wordpress.com very long but I haven't encountered any wordpress.com outages. No idea whether this impression has any basis in reality.
    • I haven't tried doing anything offline with typepad.
Here's a table to summarize what I know (which isn't much!) about these sites:

site price bells&whistles edit/preview offline?
blogger.com free spartan YES!
typepad.com $5-$6/month ? ?
wordpress.com free extensive No

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