Thursday, November 23, 2006

stop me if i repeat myself...

  • trees on the sidewalk strip in front of my house, and the way their leaves move in the wind
  • colorful leaves and the patterns their shadows make
  • cookbooks
  • a working oven
  • turkeys
  • sweet potatoes and green bean casserole
  • French fried onion rings in a can
  • pumpkin pie
  • kind and generous neighbors
  • hot coffee to drink in the morning
  • places to display my kids' artwork in the living room
  • our clothes washer and dryer
  • our dishwasher, which my wife picked up at a yard sale for $45
  • Linux distributions that make our desktop computers run smoothly
  • Hyperthreading that nearly doubles our effective MIPS
  • books and shelves to put them on
  • The variety of translations of the Bible, and reference materials (concordances, dictionaries, etc.)
  • Online Bible resources
  • google
  • the teachers at my kids' school
  • Caltrain and VTA
  • Doctors at Menlo Medical Clinic
  • effective medicines

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