Monday, November 13, 2006

Is this talking to us?

How relevant is the Bible to our lives today? True, its newest parts were written nearly two millennia ago, and nearly half a world away. But the themes are as current as the morning paper.
By your wisdom and understanding
you have gained wealth for yourself
and amassed gold and silver
in your treasuries.
By your great skill in trading
you have increased your wealth,
and because of your wealth
your heart has grown proud.
Ezekiel 28:4-5
Who does this remind you of? To me it sounds like it's talking about these United States. Wealth? Yep. Trading skill? Yep. Proud? Well... yes we are.

A recent survey of high school science students from around the world showed that American students were more confident in their scientific abilities than most. However, this confidence was misplaced; they were less knowledgeable and less skillful than most in actually doing science.

Does this hubris reflect their parents' attitudes, the media, our educational system? Probably yes, but the point is that some of our political and military leaders display the same pride and arrogance.

Since we know that God opposes the proud (1 Peter 5), we as a nation are asking for trouble. And when I harbor and/or display this sort of attitude, so am I.

May the Lord help us to walk humbly with him!

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