Saturday, January 28, 2006

is this really a blog?

Tomorrow morning, the lovely Carol is giving a talk in our Sunday school class, about how writing (journaling, poetry, etc) can be part of our relationship with God. She mentions using the computer (a blog in particular) as one way to keep a journal.

But I wonder if these things I write really qualify? Are they worthy of blog-hood?m

Some of my postings are, I guess. Like this one about the kids playing at marriage. But some of them are more than journal entries; I hope you will read them. I hope the Atheist friend of my daughter will read this one, but I don't want to put pressure on her, either.

Sunday (has it been a week already?) we heard about prayer as one of the streams of spiritual formation. A totally excellent sermon -- and here is a link to the audio stream. Anyway, we had communion, and as I was listening, I had the feeling I was supposed to meet with a couple more guys, for lunch or something, to listen to them and encourage them. The lovely Carol has been telling me this might be a way God wants to use me.

So what could I say? "Here I am, Lord."

I guess that's what it's about.

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