Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Sunday

Laura says she didn't write that song. I googled on some of the lyrics, and found them on the Higher Praise website, which asserts copyright on the song. However, the site makes my browser mad so I'll point you at this one instead.

I wanted to tell you about the great day I had yesterday. I helped out a special-needs boy in his Sunday School class. His dad had called and I agreed to fill in for his usual helper. "It's been a while since I've spent much time with you, buddy," I said to him as we walked down the steps. He doesn't talk much, but I think he got most of what I said to him. He did the activity with the stickers and seemed to enjoy it. It didn't take a lot of energy from me, nor a huge chunk of time, and I know it was a blessing to his dad.

It sure feels good to be a blessing to someone.

After church, we had lunch at Chili's with three other families. It was nice to catch up and just to enjoy the fellowship. We talked briefly about the sermon, about visiting colleges, etc.

After lunch, I was going to prepare for our home group Bible study and also set up the Weber. Sheri would start it at 5:30, then I'd grill some salmon steaks after our group (which meets in Menlo Park). Preparing for our home group would take as much time as I could give it, so I set up the Weber first. As I was just about done, Jenny came out to tell me they wanted to go for a bike ride with me.

Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I hoped I could get back in time to do at least a little preparation before going to Menlo Park. But even if I couldn't, days of bike riding with the kids are probably more limited than days of preparing Bible study. So, following our pastor's example, we biked over to Long's to pick up some photos I uploaded the night before.

All went well, except that our noses started running and nobody had any Kleenex. So once we got to Long's, the girls went to look for tissue packets while I went to the photo desk, where everything was in order. We got back home just in time to head off to Menlo Park.

I get a big charge out of our home group -- the members are so eager to learn and grow and to share their lives. It didn't bother me (much) that I didn't prepare much for the study. We all learned and shared and had a good time.

We got home and the fire was going great. The lovely Carol had put the salmon steaks into the "Soy Vey" sauce. I slid 'em onto the grill. Delicious.

After dinner, we played a little bit of Scattergories and did a little writing.

Too bad I had to go to work today.

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