Friday, January 06, 2006

Stupid hierarchies; romance; bills

Yesterday I was reading in Searching for God Knows What again, where he talks about the circus literally -- how in this one show the weirdest guy is like the rock star or the mayor of the show because he has the most crowd-drawing power. Then he talks about the circus as metaphor for our lives -- who's the "mayor" or "rock star" in the classroom, on the playground, at the office -- and how things are all upside down. Who was it that was talking about how the price tags in this world are all goofed up -- how things that are ultimately worthless (like "being extremely smart" in Wit) are accounted of high value, and fond memories of friends and family, which are probably all you or I will have left at the end, are not accounted of much worth in this world?

I had lunch with my friend Tom, who I haven't seen for a while, and he mentioned the idea that God isn't so much interested in my character development as he is in wanting to romance me. That is a good word, and reminds me of a song by Denise, a friend of ours, who sings:
No, there's nothing more important than remembering
He loves me

But last night my head was full of bills and Quicken... 'til nearly 11pm. What's the romance in that? Well, I'd better go and pick up some pills at the pharmacy then off to work.

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