Thursday, May 07, 2009

Papa Haydn's Surprise

Carol's nephew and his wife are parents of a baby boy named Hayden -- spelt like, but not pronounced like, Haydn (as in Joseph). We chatted with them at last weekend's wedding, and indeed he's the one I'm holding in this photo -- which you can also see here. His name brought to mind a record album we heard many times: Papa Haydn's Surprise, which you can download from for about $10.

This was some years ago, and our copy was on cassette tape. It was a delightful story. The reader, Ann Rachlin, is masterful.

If your kids are at all interested in music, you should consider putting this on your MP3 player (iPod® or similar), or burning it onto a CD... and playing it over and over again for them. Click here and listen to a few 30-second clips and see what I mean!

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