Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nerd-vana in Menlo Park!

In Menlo Park (California) we used to have some serious nerd envy for the guys who live in Sunnyvale (they've got both Halted/HSC and Action Surplus -- not to mention Fry's. But no more envy -- we now have Techworld! They opened recently, and their inventory isn't all sorted out quite yet.

I was looking for a spare VGA cable I was sure I had around here somewhere; couldn't find it and figured I'd have to drive to Action or something (I have a hard time paying $20 for a cable I know I could get for a lot less elsewhere), but then I remembered... where the pet food place used to be right there on Oak Grove was... TechWorld!

"Come in we're OPEN" proclaimed the sign, so in I went. I could tell this was my kind of place. I asked the guy if he had a VGA cable. We looked for a bit, and he said if I could find it, he'd let me have it for (actual price deleted). I stumbled across a DVI cable; remembering that I had an adapter at home, I paid him and left. When I got home -- drat it, the adapter had the wrong gender!

I had to go out again a few hours later, so I stopped by. Sure, he was fine with me trading the DVI cable in for a VGA cable. He offered to refund my money if I couldn't find the needful, but after looking around a bit more -- ta-da! a five-foot (or longer?) VGA cable.

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