Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eat too many chips?

The younger teen and I visited a "Chili's" restaurant in San Jose the other day, where we saw a major change in the menu -- lots of stuff was missing. The waitress asked if we wanted some chips and salsa while we were waiting for our meal.

What a big pile of chips! I thought. That's the bad news (from the American Nutrition Society's perspective). The good news (same perspective) is that they are no longer complimentary: $2.99 plus tax and tip.

Once the bill came and we discovered the $2.99 charge, we asked for a bag to take the leftovers home. Especially after paying $3, we didn't want to waste the leftovers.

But rather than bringing us an empty bag, she brought us a full bag of chips!

People grow up differently, I guess; we were thinking about not throwing away perfectly good chips.

Our overall impression is that Chili's isn't much like a Mexican restaurant any more, and it's off my short list.

But on the good side, if you don't want the bad health effects of the chips, they're easy to resist: Just don't order 'em.

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