Monday, August 18, 2008

Is the Marriott Corp. an enthusiastic vendor of “adult” entertainment?

If you ever wondered whether JW Marriott's religion (either Sr. or Jr.) influences the way they run their business, here's another piece of info for you. At the Downtown Anchorage Marriott, the in-room TV announces that the latest movies can be seen in your room: "Drama, suspense, adult—it's all here!" (emphasis mine) That is verbatim from the voice announcement.

And if you're concerned about getting into trouble with your wife or boss for watching smut, not to worry! "Titles do not appear on your bill" (that is verbatim) appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
Well, I'm glad that the Marriott Corp. hasn't let
any pseudo-religious posturing influence the One
True Faith: $hort-term Profit$!

Pornography destroying families? Gimme a break!
Next you're going to tell me cigarettes cause cancer!

No, don't worry about Marriott Hotels’ image
as "family friendly" -- they're really
no different from any other Ameri¢an
¢apitli$t$ -- proud members of the One True Faith,
fellow-worshipers of the Almighty Dollar!
So what am I really saying? Here is my fond hope: that JW junior and senior are really not just two more pseudo-religious profit-minded hypocrites. I hope they simply have not been paying attention to what goes on in their hotels vis-a-vis  the sale and promotion of smut.

DISCLAIMER: I have not investigated the exact content of "adult" entertainment here. Oh, but why not? My wife is out at breakfast, and titles will not appear on my bill!

A modest proposal for the Marriott Corp.

Bill, you could institute the following policy at your properties:
No so-called “adult” entertainment
It could be like your no-smoking policy. There would be some short-term loss in profits because weak-willed men would not be watching whatever the hell you guys call "adult" entertainment (junior-high locker-room entertainment?). But imagine if family-minded Americans staying in Marriott Hotels could be assured that no smut would ever be seen in any of your rooms? How many family-oriented organizations (I don't just mean Mormon churches) would have yet another reason to prefer Marriott properties for their conferences?

Bill, I don't share your faith, but I do believe that American business can influence the future of our country. By taking a stand in favor of families over the short-term profit motive, you will help prevent decay in this great land of ours. Didn't Jesus Christ himself say, "You are the salt of the earth"? How about helping to halt the decay of American society in this small way, rather than accelerating it with that smut in your hotel rooms?

You might even come out ahead financially! But if not, you'll still have done the right thing by reducing the river of smut flowing into America's hotel rooms.

(What? You don't make all that much from the smut? Well, you'll hardly miss those profits then, will you?)

Sincerely (except for the “TONGUE_IN_CHEEK_MODE=on” part),

Collin Park

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