Sunday, June 01, 2008

A role model

The lovely Carol and I went out on a date last night, hanging out at Cafe Borrone and then browsing at Kepler's. While enjoying our decaf borgias, we read an article from the April'08 Christianity Today, whence come these musings.

I'm not quite sure I want to say Philip Yancey is my role model, because that might have a, you know, implication for my life. But I'll say that he's a role model, as described here by Tim Stafford (Christianity Today, April 2008). Two phrases from that article that struck me:
His general stance is, "I didn't understand this [prayer, pain, the seeming absence of God], it was a problem to me, so I decided to try to learn from it. And now as a fellow pilgrim, I am going to offer you what I learned, to see if it helps you too." Make no mistake: Philip remains a missionary at heart. He wants to change lives.
He writes to heal. He has reclaimed the original kernel of his fundamentalist past—Good News to suffering and lost people—and is determined to get the message across.
Here is a calling I might aspire to. Does it mean I would quit my day job? Or that I should?

Well, maybe not quite yet. But I want my writing to be a joy to read, or to help people take their next step closer to God, to healing, to life.

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