Sunday, June 29, 2008

More reason to celebrate: running hot water

The sensation of hot water flowing over my head and down my back is one of the great luxuries (or blessings if you prefer) of modern civilization.

But this great luxury was interrupted Friday night by the unwelcome sensation of gradually cooling water. Uh-oh -- the last time this happened, the pilot light in our water heater had gone out. Yes, we have one of those old-fashioned gas-fired heaters with a 40-gallon tank.

And the last time that happened, neither the contractor nor the PG&E guy ("Joey" if memory serves) nor I (not to mention all the king's horses &c...) could get it re-lit.

But! Pat Glithero, aka The Man™, succeeded in getting it lit, in just a few minutes. Following his instructions, I got it re-lit this time. So I'm again enjoying that great luxury of modern civilization, with plenty of hot water to wash our dishes.

Yes, Pat is The Man, and he will fix whatever needs fixing in your house and not charge you an arm and a leg. BTW, this is not Pat from FEMA; The Man doesn't seem to have a web presence. If you want him, leave me a note and I'll see about putting you in touch with him.

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