Friday, June 27, 2008

A great week!

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? Almost!

Well, I had a great week. In no particular order...
  • I found my sunglasses, which I couldn't find for a while (yeah, they were just $10 and they're over a year old and somewhat scratched, but it was still nice to find them);
  • I found my bifocals-with-a-line, which I couldn't find for a while (are you detecting an eyewear theme here?);
  • I found my contacts   ←just kidding. There was something else I thought might have been lost, and I found it (another repeating theme. btw I don't wear contacts);
  • At the office, I learned about completion in "bash" and implemented a whiz-bang feature for our build system;
  • figured out how to make applesauce out of smashed apples (as in "how do you like them...") -- regarding apparently unpredictable build times;
  • the elder teen asked me for a date (breakfast some time next week I think);
  • the younger teen read the JUMBLE™ to me while I did the dishes the other night, and we solved it together;
  • she also gave me a number of awards last night (in response to doing my fatherly duty of fixing her bicycle) -- these were hand-drawn pictures on Post-It™s;
  • the lovely Carol proposed some exciting time in the bedroom mid-week;
  • I got a raise;
  • I realized that I learned some wonderful things about God's love this year while teaching my class about the Bible;
  • I learned something about how to please God (it's not hard, either!);
  • We thought there was a problem with the new kitchen counters, but everything's going to be OK;
  • The head gasket in our Subaru was leaking, but we don't have to pay for all of it -- even though we're out of warranty, the factory is going to pay maybe 40% of the bill;
I am thinking I'm very fortunate.

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