Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting to sleep when you've got a nagging cough

So I've tried a bunch of stuff and here's what works for me:
  1. A hot shower
  2. Nasal rinse! ¼ tsp salt in ½ cup water, then heat to body temp (microwave about 20 seconds). They tell you to boil the water first. It sounds gross, but pour a little into a cupped hand. With the other hand, keep one nostril shut, then bring the cupped hand up to the other nostril and "snuff" a little into the nasal passage, until you can taste a little salt, then blow (don't blow too hard!) it out through the nostril it came in through. Alternate nostrils. Repeat a few times or until the expelled stuff is free from icky-looking color.
  3. cough drops. sugarless. Don't get this lodged in your throat so that you choke and die!
  4. benzonatate tablets, if you have them. The brand name was something like "tessalon perle". If your spouse experiences the same symptoms, make sure that s/he doesn't eat all of yours so that you're out when you need 'em yourself. (How do I know this? Let's not go there, OK?) These have been very helpful in the past, but recently when I went looking for mine, they were all gone.
  5. magic cough syrup. It goes by the name of "tussionex"® but it's worked for me when all else has failed. It has the equivalent an eight-hour Chlor-Trimeton® tablet in addition to the codeine, so don't double up on those. Yeah, it makes me feel a little drowsy all day long, but maybe I needed the rest anyway
Time to send an invoice to the pharmaceutical companies for this great PR I'm giving them... if only!

Seriously though, it's worked pretty well for me. I almost gave up after #4, but then I recalled that I still had some of the magic cough syrup around from last time. It worked pretty well so I thought I'd tell you about it.

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