Saturday, February 17, 2007

FAFSA, shamfsa

The FAFSA is done, the curse it is past
The first one now will later be last
As the present now will later be past...

(with apologies to Bob Dylan)

We did it, well, mostly it was me. Since our 1040 isn't filled in yet (I still need to get some stuff together for our Tax Man) I took the W-2s and guessed that the AGI would be as much different from Σ(w2) as it was last year... then checked websites for our investment accounts and the credit union (oops, website offline -- fall back onto my [failing] memory for that one), etc.

Fortunately I had the ducks all lined up beforehand, even asking the elder teen which schools to send the info to. Of course both she and I had our FAFSA PINs. Now they know we can afford to pay :( -- but at least it's over :). It only took half an hour from logon to "Please print this confirmation page" or whatever they say.

I celebrated by putting my shoes on and cutting the grass in the back yard. Some, ah, post-canine clean-up was required before doing that. It's a beautiful day here in sunny California - the Emerald Hills weather station says it's 66°F but it feels warmer than that.

And the sun always seems brighter after completing a fearful task like filling in the FAFSA. Profile/CSS? Not today.

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