Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's happened this week...

Friday was only the second day this week I took the train to work. Tuesday I had breakfast with a friend and went for an individual appointment with our counselor in Belmont. Wednesday I drove to work in order to get to Rich's funeral at 3:30. And yesterday I was on the hook for taking the younger teen to the doctor.

I've mentioned our counselor before - she does the theophostic thing besides having the usual training and license. If you believe in Jesus and need to discuss personal issues with someone, you could do a lot worse than to talk to Susan Fisher. (Whoa, Google points me at San Mateo; another person maybe?) She's talked with both Carol and me, individually and together, and so she's got a pretty good idea of what we're up to.

Rich's funeral service - "Celebrating the life of Rich Girerd" - was, well, I won't say it was fun, but it was good. I met Rich in the '80s but didn't know him all that well. We lost touch and then I saw him occasionally at church. Several people spoke at the memorial service; I was touched by the last one in particular. His voice broke and he had to pause a few times as he spoke.

And it made me think, at whose funeral would I choke up? Is there anyone I've let into my life enough that if I spoke at his funeral, my voice would break? Other than my relatives I mean? Something to think about.

Had a great day Friday: got up early enough to be the first one in the pool at the 'Y', swam 900 yards, drove the kids to school and walked to the train. After work, Carol and I saw "The Pursuit of Happyness," a great story which nevertheless gave me a stomach-ache for the first half or so.

Today the older teen and I helped with painting at Flood School with "2nd Mile" for a couple of hours. The painters were overwhelmingly female -- well, I guess I'm accustomed to being outnumbered...

I'm on the hook to make pancakes today -- ran out too early to do that at breakfast so we'll have them for lunch -- then some cleanup and time to start on taxes!

I hate taxes. I mean, I don't mind paying them, but all the documentation required to deal with filing -- that's a headache.

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