Saturday, January 20, 2007

A good day, but not complete

What's not complete around here is... that the lovely Carol is out of town at a Women's retreat.

Well, we had waffles for breakfast this morning. On the last batch, Sheri stirred a pile of chocolate chips into the batter. These were not evenly distributed amongst the four quarters of the waffle iron, so some chocolate waffles were, ah, more equal than others.

Some vacuuming was done. I replaced the filters in the spa, finished filling it, and got it going. The girls enjoyed looking at a new time-sink called "facebook".

Sheri finished up her introductory essay, we had lunch, and then we were off to portfolio day at Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. We got there before her appointment because we thought she might talk with representatives of some other schools, but they weren't there today. So with about 90 minutes before her appointment, we parked the car and went to the SF Museum of Modern Art, a short walk away. There we saw the work of Anselm Kiefer - some enormous pieces. Remarkable.

The fellow reviewing her portfolio was very complimentary of her work, making suggestions on only one of her pieces. He gave us some good tips on assembling her portfolio for the Real Thing.

We followed some of this advice immediately by stopping at Utrecht (the art store), where she bought a portfolio display binder as well as a bunch of canvas boards and such.

I wondered if she wanted to go back to SFMoMA but she was happy to head home. We were talking about dinner, and I suggested picking up some veggies and some shrimp and making... "a stir fry?" she asked. She sounded pretty happy about that. We stopped at Safeway and bought some baby bok choy, a yellow (or orange?) bell pepper, a green pepper, some shrimp (from China), some snacks, and a chocolate milk for Sheri.

We got home and Jenny was already out at morp. Morp is "prom" spelled backwards, and it means "ice skating in prom clothes then having a fancy dinner afterwards". The fancy dinner happened to be at the golden arches, and I guess the only fancy thing about it was the diners' clothes.

I made dinner. All ate and were satisfied. Then, maybe around seven, Jenny came in the front door. Duke was too excited about licking our dinner dishes to notice. When she called out "I'm home!" he ran toward the patio door, breaking the law as usual, but nobody was there! Jenny told him where she was, so he made the necessary "corrections" and greeted her with his usual sloppy kiss.

We watched "Dave," borrowed from my niece. A feel-good movie, a comedy/romance. A little sappy. Some of them live happily ever after. I think the president's doctor would be very confused and very embarrassed at the end, though.

Well, with the lovely Carol gone, I hate going to bed, which is why I'm not there yet. I will be soon, though.

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