Saturday, November 12, 2005

carol's elbow

The other night, the lovely Carol came home with a sore elbow. She rolled up her sweater, and yow! Check out the picture! →

We called a couple of doctor friends, and found one home. He said that if it was infected, Carol should have it looked at right away. I got a little excited about it -- remembering stories of evil bacteria I'd heard over the past few years. We tried to call the Palo Alto Clinic. Once we found the right phone book (no, NOT the one that says "Redwood City,
Palo Alto, and Menlo Park"), I gave 'em a call. Yes, they were open and there was plenty of time to get there. We got signed in, and about 3 people asked her if she bumped it. She had not.

The doctor saw us and explained that this was bursitis. He withdrew some of the fluid, promising to call us if the culture showed an infection. But it didn't look like it to him. He put an ace bandage on it and sent us home before 9:30. This was much better than our 3-hour visit in July - more on that later, maybe.