Monday, May 24, 2010


So I get ready to write a post and blogger has an announcement that I can make money by linking to amazon. It can be easier to look stuff up on, link to stuff on, and if you my reader buys stuff on, there'll be a kickback! Yow! Early retirement here I come!?

Or not.

So maybe you'll think I'm silly, but it seems kinda tacky to say "oh yeah, here's a cool book, and they'll give me money if you click through and buy it." So... no thank you, amazon.

So if you click on a link here, will probably know that you came from here, but I don't think it'll give 'em the kind of info that facebook gave when I clicked on one of their links (image at right). And I'm certainly not taking any money from them to refer you there. I do like (we spend quite a bit of money there) and it's easy to create a link to any book they have, but I'm not making money off of you when you buy stuff from them.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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