Thursday, October 22, 2009

No flu shot for you!

So my employer isn't having flu shot clinics this year. Instead they gave us instructions on printing out coupons redeemable for a free shot at... various places. Since I live up here, I tried going to the Long'sCVS in San Carlos. Flu shots were supposed to be offered 3pm-7pm.

I called about 4:30 and asked them if they were going to have enough of the vaccine....

The answer was noncommital.

So I got on the train in Mountain View at 5:46 and off in San Carlos around six.

You guessed it--they ran out of the vaccine at about 5:45, according to the pharmacy clerk.

Well, the vaccine might not do any good anyway. (I guess that's what they call "sour grapes.")

Oh, and because of the shortage of the vaccine (though I don't see the connection), my free flu shot coupon expires... today.

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