Saturday, October 03, 2009

Facebook: Stopping certain apps from posting on your wall

So I finally figured out how to do this. Suppose for example that you don't want to see a lot of postings from FarmVille. If you move your mouse to one of the postings, a "Hide" thing will appear in the upper right of the posting, as you can see at left.

Now if you click while your mouse is on the "Hide" thing, or maybe it has to be on that little triangle (I'm not sure), you'll get a little menu -- allowing you to hide postings from this person, as shown in the photo at left (I smudged the name out on purpose), or from the application (FarmVille). I selected "Hide Farmville." When I released the mouse button, the posting was replaced...

by what you see at right.

Another example: "Which Friends Character Are You?"

Step 1: move the mouse near the entry you want to delete. "Hide" will appear in its upper-right corner as shown here at right.
Step 2: click on the "Hide" thing, then select "Hide <name of application>". Unless, that is, you want to hide all postings from a particular person instead.
Step 3: When you release the mouse button, you should see this (at right) in place of the entry you wanted to delete.
Step 4: If you change your mind, you'd better do it really really fast! Click on the "Edit options" thing before it disappears!

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