Thursday, January 29, 2009

Franklin St. > Peet's??

This morning I headed out early to visit Peninsula Building Materials and buy a "level jack" -- two of them, actually. Got in and out within a few minutes -- great service there!

Then I drove the mile and a half to the Redwood City Caltrain station. Since I had quite a bit of time, I decided to grab a coffee. Sometimes I'll grab a cup on the run from Franklin St. Caffe, but I was close to Peet's at Broadway, so I walked in and stood in line. Got to the front and asked for a small coffee.

I was surprised to find that the taste of their brew didn't please me as much as what I get at Franklin St. Peet's charged a little more, too. On the plus side, I definitely got more of a "kick" from the Peet's cup than I usually get at Franklin St.

Bottom line -- Next time I'll probably park under Sequoia Station and hit Franklin St. up for their blend, unless I'm really in need of a wakeup.

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