Thursday, July 03, 2008

Doing pretty good today, Lord

Heard this before, and again today on "truth for living" (or is it "truth for life"?) -- and by the way Alistair Begg is a tremendous speaker (I think he was in the movies once, too) -- but here's the story.

A man prays, "Lord, I've done pretty good so far today; I haven't been spiteful or envious, haven't used any bad language or lusted after anything (something like that anyway), gotten drunk, or hit anybody. But now I'm about to get out of bed...."

Well, at least he didn't claim not to be slothful.

The story is sorta funny, but it does have a point -- it's hard to avoid doing bad stuff once we get moving! Could any of us even go through an entire day without complaining -- I mean if we were awake and moving? I don't think so!

Anybody who thinks they don't need grace and mercy -- they should try going 24 hours without complaining!

how's that for an "evangelistic tip for the day"?

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