Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spiritual Friendships - questions, mostly

The lovely Carol bought a book titled Spiritual Mentoring, which has a whole lot more than the questions I've rearranged and paraphrased below. This has been of particular interest to me lately, as I've heard that spiritual friendships are a key ingredient, if not the key ingredient, in spiritual growth. I also know some young people who consider me some sort of mentor, so I thought it might be well to be a little more intentional about these things. So here are some key thoughts (they're not all questions) from the book.

Survey, history:
  • Where am I headed?
    • Who created a safe space for me to tell my story?
    • Whose song of faith, what song of faith, has rung powerfully in my life?
    • Whose life do I want to imitate/emulate?

  • What do I want?
    • What is a key experience you've had? Key relationship?
    • What is a personal fear or weakness?
    • If you could wave a magic wand, how would you change your life?
Reflecting upon a particular moment or situation:
  • What is God up to in this situation?
  • Where is God's hand at work in this?
  • What sacred text is to be read in the moment before us?
  • What might these ordinary moments contain of the God dimension?
A mix of past and present
  • Have you noticed a pattern of God's movement in your life?
  • Did you consider what God might be saying to you in the questions you raise?
  • What might God want you to hear in the events of your life?
Paradigmatic questions:
  • Where was God when...
  • Who am I?
  • What does God want to do with me now?
Prerequisites; terms of reference:
NOTE: These aren't questions (d'oh!)
  • safe space where you can be open
  • boundaries: confidentiality, structure, guidance
    • i won't tell anyone about your situation
    • not to waste your time
    • won't tell you what to do but will suggest
  • questions, struggles, emotions, doubts are acceptable!
  • ideas, curiosity, wonder, joy are to be shared
  • the mundane is a container of holy grace
For weekly updates:
  • What were the highs and lows of your week?
  • Were you faithful to follow the disciplines you committed to last week?
  • What have you heard God saying to you in the experiences of your week?

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Chris James said...

Thanks for this helpful summary. I've been wanting to read the book and would love to hear more of your thoughts on it!