Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ain't no sunshine...

Are you old enough to remember the rest of that line? The Director in my department can identify songs that I only know vaguely (like I knew "Something's Happening Here" from a CSNY album, but he correctly identified it as being first performed by Buffalo Springfield), so I'm not really, umm, The Old One -- but anyway, the first line is

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Well, almost. Though the lovely Carol, and our daughter Jenny, are in New York playing tourist, Sheri is here and we had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday was unremarkable; I shopped successfully at Costco, Cartridge World, Safeway, Supercuts, and the Redwood City Farmers' Market (which I had almost forgotten existed). For lunch I made やきそば (Japanese for "chow mein") with some shrimp, half an onion, and the curry mix that came with the noodles.

Sheri and I left for church about 3:40, first stopping at a friend's house to pick up her bicycle. Sheri did the K-1 thing and I went to the sanctuary -- nearly an hour before the worship service began. After hearing the EOG practiced a couple of times, I dozed a bit. I appreciated Kim's sermon on doubt -- she encouraged us to ask the hard questions, to be honest, and so on. I'm very glad that we're having this sermon series. After church, Sheri and I stopped by J&J for a couple of take-out boxes. I had the rice cooker on a timer. Part of our home group came over about 6:40. With leftovers plus the J&J boxes and the rice, we all ate and were satisfied. This also gave me a chance to show off the girls' artwork (mercifully for Sheri, I pointed out the drawings/paintings after she had left the room). We had a good time catching up with each other, and we had a good time in prayer too.

This morning I decided to make today a "joy" day. I offered bacon and eggs to Sheri and she didn't say no. Sliced up the half-onion left over from yesterday's lunch, then heated up the skillet with some olive oil and started the onions going. Meanwhile I grabbed the microwave bacon tray (at least that's what I call it) and put a few strips on it. Broke three eggs, splashed a little milk into them, then once the onions were done (and a little brown), stirred the eggs in. I felt like a gourmet cook! Sheri grabbed some plates and I took the food to the table. We prayed and she got started while I found my pills and made my coffee. Although we didn't get going too early, we got to church in time for Sheri's K-1 engagement at 9:00. It's her last one until September.

I hung out in front of D-11, and pretty soon people started coming by (I was nearly half an hour early for what's left of Growing Families). We had a lively conversation. It was not all smooth, but there was healing when two people kicked off the discussion by apologizing to each other for remarks made last week. I took notes on the lovely Carol's G4 iBook and shipped them off early this afternoon.

Sheri met me after class, and we drove home. I told her about the class, about some of the healing (and the injury that had preceded it). She agreed that it was a great thing to start off with apologies. I remarked on the weather and asked if she wanted to go to the beach. She was pretty happy about this idea -- she'd take her paints. We'd have to be home by 4:30, though, because some folks were coming over to borrow Fred, our (red) 1986 Toyota Corolla, for a week. This did not turn out to be much of a restriction.

The weather report showed the coast covered with fog (this is June after all) but Coyote Point looked OK. I think this is a rather unappreciated beach on the peninsula. We got there and it was gorgeous. We spread a blanket on the sand, and Sheri took out her acrylics and started painting. It sure was cold! I unpacked a camp chair and faced away from the wind. Even with my windbreaker and hat I was chilly. In under an hour, Sheri had finished the canvas. She wanted to take a few pictures with my old (1973?) Canon SLR -- yes, one with film.

At one point, we noticed that some roses (!) had appeared on the beach, and we took pictures of them. I used the old bargain hp digital camera (about $40 plus a few bucks for a 64Mbyte CF card).

I don't know where the roses came from, but we enjoyed seeing them.
Watching the airplanes land over the bay, I recalled the story of Captain Asoh, a JAL pilot who landed his DC-8 in San Francisco Bay late in the 1960s. When they asked him how he managed to land his DC-8 in perfect alignment with the runway but 1/2 mile short of it (or however far it was), Asoh is supposed to have leaned forward and said, "As you Americans say, Asoh ファックアップ." Sheri found this astonishing.

She also found a bunch of shells, former or current homes of sea creatures, stuck to a sort of post (which was rotting away).

←Guess I'd better show you a picture of that. We took some more pictures with the 35mm camera, including one with a pose mimicking a beach scene in The Karate Kid. That's all you're gonna hear about that one.

We packed up after a while and drove to the other side of the park, where Sheri took a few more pictures. We were back before two. I took a nap, and Sheri read her book (something about pigs, by the author of The Bean Trees) and closed her eyes. She was sleeping when our friends arrived to borrow Fred.

After a while I started dinner. I poured ¼ cup of bourbon and some olive oil over some shrimp, only later thinking to add the minced garlic. These I grilled on the Weber along with an eggplant I'd bought yesterday. Sheri made us a salad and we were set. After dinner, we went to Long's to pick up my Yosemite pictures, some of which were rather silly. The pharmacy was closed (do they close at six on Sundays?) but I did get some soap for the dishwasher. Then to Blockbuster, where we picked up
  • Little Miss Sunshine
    which we watched tonight
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • Rain Man
So although we were missing some members of our "pack" (which reminds me of our beloved dog, who is now over a month gone), we had a pretty good day.

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