Friday, December 15, 2006

last word of the day?

This week's Old Testament readings are from the so-called "minor" prophets. These were not minor people, but their books are short; I seem to remember that in the Hebrew Bible they're called "The Twelve," and that their books fit on one or two scrolls. Combined, these works account for no more than about 4% of the English Bible; the book of Isaiah is bigger than these twelve combined.

This morning's reading is from the first part of Micah, and includes this verse that I memorized some years ago:
Woe to those who scheme iniquity
who work out evil on their beds.
In the light of the morning they do it
because it is in the power of their hands.
Micah 2.1
Who are these guys that he's talking about? The next verse talks about taking people's fields and houses, defrauding fellow men of their inheritance, this sort of thing.

When I was young and single, at night I would sometimes fantasize about women. The next day I would struggle with lustful thoughts. That's why I memorized this verse - it was to remind me to think about something else at night. In particular some of my roommates had a practice that they called "His Word the last word" - that the last thing said at night was something from the Bible.

That's a good practice - one I should probably revive with my present roommate.

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