Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Disguised blessing

What a grouch! Rather than calling my parents or their landlady, this neighbor called the cops because my mom's car was a little too close to his driveway. The cops ticketed her car and called the tow truck.

The landlady saw the tow truck and called my mom. It's an uphill jog from my parent's apartment to the street, so Mom was a little out of breath when she talked with the tow-truck driver. "Wait! I'll move it!" she said.

"Once it's hooked up, I need $50."

Mom ran downhill to their apartment, got the money, ran back uphill, paid the driver, moved her car (about 18 inches??) and returned to the apartment. Whew!

But there was a little ache in her upper back -- not her chest. It went away after a minute and a glass of cold water. A week later, at a regular checkup, she mentioned this to her internist, who ordered a stress echo test. They didn't like that. One thing followed another, and pretty soon she's having quadruple-bypass surgery.

We understand from the cardiologist that if they just waited, there would likely be a massive heart attack at some point in the future, and most likely would not have been able to save her. So we are all very glad right now that this neighbor was such a grouch.

Oh, and Mom is recovering nicely. Praise God for grouchy neighbors and for alert and skillful doctors!

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