Monday, January 19, 2015

snow leopard to Yosemite upgrade, part trois: procmail bug problem

Sincerely hoping this is the last part. In part deux we figured out question #4 from my list in part 1. So now on to questions #3 and #1, as I hope #2 will take care of itself.
Actually I'm pretty sure that if I fix #3, then #2 will be fine. Why? Because it's true for the lovely Carol; her .procmailrc isn't problematic, and her email went fine into Maildir/newMaildir/cur.

Yes! I've got to take my encouragement when I can.

Anyway, to debug #3, I tried this:
mini1:~ collin$ cat Mail/backup/92784 | strace procmail
-bash: strace: command not found
mini1:~ collin$ 
Dang. There is no strace, but there is a truss, dtruss actually, on Mac OS X. It requires root privileges. So I became root and ran procmail on a minimal .procmailrc which nonetheless has a line like
FROM=`sed 1d | formail -I reply-to: -I resent-from: -I return-path: | \
        formail -rzxTo:`
Sure enough, the dtruss output convinced me that this particular feature is b0rken in the current procmail.

Fortunately, that's the only place I use that in .procmailrc, and it's not actually needed. So I said…

mini1:~ collin$ cat Mail/backup/92708 | procmail
mini1:~ collin$ 
and clicked "Get mail" on thunderbird. It asked for my password, and there my mail was.

So there's something rotten in the Yosemite version of procmail 3.22. That was with /usr/bin/procmail, and I wondered if the mac port version would have a similar issue. Yes :(.

mini1:~ collin$ cat Mail/backup/92862 | formail -imessage-id: | /opt/local/bin/procmail .procmailrc.1.18
Abort trap: 6
mini1:~ collin$ 
Guess I'd better file a ticket.
Now for question #1: the issue may have been as simple as needing to add a component to $PATH, as:
mini1:~ postman$ grep PATH
mini1:~ postman$ 
Formerly, fetchmail was in some common place like /usr/bin but I had to install it myself, which I did Sunday. So now it's in /usr/local/bin/fetchmail—which probably wasn't in root’s path and hence might not be in $PATH at all given that the script is invoked by root from launchctl.

But I think everything works now. Whew!

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