Saturday, January 04, 2014

Atmos Energy? Really? Oh, it's proflowers

The really interesting-looking email appeared in my inbox today. It urges me to click on (some ".nl" link) to find out why natural gas is the best choice for clean and responsible energy use, and urges me to click on (another ".nl" link) to see my latest bill.

At first, I wondered if this might be the natural gas equivalent of telephone slamming, but why would my gas supplier be in Europe? Then I looked at the "To:" address on the email and my doubts were erased.

That's right, I used a uniquified email address when ordering flowers from ProFlowers. The scammers claiming to represent "Atmos Energy" (which may as far as I know could be legit) got my email address from proflowers, who are now on my hate list.

A word to the wise...

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