Saturday, December 01, 2012

Things not to do when installing a water heater: a list

  1. Buy a water heater installation kit, you know, the package with two water hoses (one cold, one hot) and a gas supply hose, and pipe-thread tape (which I heard is not actually “Teflon® tape”)
    • The gas supply hose might have the wrong gender(s).
    • The water hoses might be too short or too long.
    But it's OK to buy the kit if you have determined that all will fit.
  2. Waste “teflon tape” on threads that don't need it
    • the water hoses don't need it because the connection is secured by pressure, not by the threads.
    • most of the gas hoses don't need it either
  3. Put white “teflon tape” on gas-pipe threads that do need it
    • You can find dire warnings on the ’net about doing this. Use pipe dope instead.
  4. Use a drain pan that isn't big enough to catch any possible dripping when your new water heater starts leaking someday.
    • Because it will.
How do I know not to do these things? Three guesses…

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