Saturday, March 24, 2012

Firefox repeats a phrase/sentence, sometimes -- it’s reftagger

I had a problem with firefox earlier this month, where I had typed "The first word in..." but firefox displayed it as "The first word in The first word in..."

The image at right shows the sad story: there's the Firefox window showing "The first word in The first word in"; there's a "view source" window which shows only one "The first word in"; and there's a small window with the version info (in this case it's firefox 3.6.27 on Mac OS X 10.4)

The elder ex-teenager observed a similar repeating behavior viewing a more recent post on a more modern OS (OS X 10.5? on Intel, not PPC).

I suppose it has something to do with reftagger, which adds pop-ups to Bible references -- Oh! maybe when a Bible reference appears in the title, that confuses reftagger.

And now reftagger doesn't seem to work at all... does this verse have a pop-up on your browser? Genesis 1:1

Oh -- other folks have been seeing this too, as it turns out:

Update: I just turned the reftagger stuff off, because it seems to have deactivated some of my other html, like when I type
<span title="this appears when you mouse over it">
which you can try it on this phrase

A more concise test

Click on (opens in new window/tab). On Safari you'll see the Bible reference in a different color and underlined; on Firefox I think you won't. I'm not sure why you don't get text repeated, but perhaps a new failure mode has appeared....

Update 2015-11-21

With different javascript it now seems to work! (opens in new window/tab).

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