Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cargill/DMB is to EIR as fox is to chicken coop

I recently read this op-ed pointing out that Cargill/DMB have bought and paid for the consultants writing 15 of 17 sections of the environmental report for... a project that Cargill/DMB propose for the old salt evaporators. That's right, they want to "develop" the wetlands and make a ton of money, and they're willing to buy, I mean hire, the consultants to write the EIR so it comes out nicely. Am I being too cynical? I tweaked the form email letter before sending it off. Here's how mine reads:
Dear Honorable Mayor Aguirre and members of the City Council,

Is that really true? The vast majority of the EIR studies are written by people paid by Cargill/DMB?

Can this be legal? It certainly isn't ethical, and it's extremely unwise. This makes it look like the developer's funding the EIR... oh wait, the developer IS funding the EIR. OK, Mr. Fox, here's the chicken coop; please guard it carefully. Right?

Should I not be alarmed, and if not, why not? Please, please stop this nonsense. It serves no one's interest for our city to be sued (either by its own citizens or "outside agitators") because of an extremely suspect EIR process.

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

I clicked the button and sent it off to the city council. I'm sorry, but this looks pretty darned sleazy.

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