Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A useful exercise

This morning the lovely Carol and I talked briefly about thankfulness. Psalm 65 has some things, and I neglected a whole lot of things in the list below, but here are a few things I'm thankful for anyway...
  • that I can walk without straining, limping, or lurching
  • that the VTA stops close by the office
  • a car in case I need to drive to the office
  • a job (i.e., an office to go to)
    -- though I complain sometimes about having a day job,
  • the lovely Carol to come home to
  • a house with a roof and walls and locking doors
  • healthy parents -- not to be taken for granted at their age, or mine
  • loving children (though they're not kids any more)
  • the knowledge that I'm forgiven
  • the promise of eternal life
  • a place of worship
  • the freedom to worship there
    -- though I sometimes complain about meetings...
  • circuit breakers (rather than fuses) for the power in our house
  • Long's and Safeway at the Caltrain station
  • money to buy stuff there
  • Friday bagels
  • a great team at work
  • the ability to enjoy reading/writing code
  • big windows near my cubicle
  • enough clothes to protect me from the air chilled by those windows
  • a functioning clothes washer
  • the ability to fix it (again) when it overflows
  • hanging things to dry the laundry on
  • a working clothes dryer for when laundry can't (or shouldn't be) hung
  • a seat on the train
  • mobile wifi

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Thandesha said...

And few bugs to fight on... :)