Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meyer ≠ UGLY

I met our friend Peggy, and her three Chinese friends, at Stanford for a walking tour. Our guide said that Green (which was either being built or soon-to-be-started when I sent to school there) was the library for most nonspecialized materials, so I had to ask: What about Meyer?

Meyer, which used to be called UGLY (UnderGraduate LibrarY), is now like a 24-hour study area with rooms open basically 24x7 and no books. I think she said there was a computer consulting service on the 2nd floor (when I was going to school, you went to where the computers, or the terminals, were -- 029 card punches [photo] way out in Pine Hall, or terminals at CERAS -- you didn't carry them with you).

Well, a lot of things have changed at Stanford, but this one was rather a shock.

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