Saturday, February 06, 2010

I wrote to our two senators today

I heard from a friend about the plight of refugee children from Burma. They've fled into Thailand and now are at risk of being deported -- back to a country that wants to kill them. Here's what I wrote, essentially the same message to both:
Short version: Please intercede with the Thai government to allow Karen refugee children to remain there, out of reach of the SPDC persecutors.

Dear Senator Feinstein,

The situation in Thailand regarding refugee children from the "Karen" ethnic group is dire. The New York Times article (below) from last August gives some background, but the current situation is: they are facing deportation by the Thai government, to face persecution and likely extermination. I'm writing to ask you to intervene on behalf of these children, that the silent genocide could be slowed -- at least for these children who are for now out of reach of the SPDC as long as they're allowed to remain in Thailand.

Thank you for reading and considering this.

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