Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for... a ten-minute exercise

Well, it's the 4th Thursday in November, and though it's trite, here's a list of things that come to mind that I'm thankful for:
  • The lovely Carol, who's put up with me over 23 years
  • Our children, who really are young women now, and following the Lord
  • ... and who are here with us for Thanksgiving!
  • Our little dog: though vexing at times, brings us much joy
  • A roof and four solid walls
  • Gainful employment
  • Being already forgiven, by the blood of Jesus
  • The promise of heaven
  • Friends to spend Thanksgiving evening with
  • Money to give to the poor, and to help spread the good news of the Kingdom of God
  • DVDs of Star Trek TNG
  • The ability to host a pot-luck tomorrow for 25 internationals at our house :)
  • A place of worship -- MPPC -- and Open Door Church San Mateo, a campus thereof
  • People we know who honor the Lord by taking steps of faith -- some big and spectacular and some not so visible
  • The work of the Holy Spirit around the world in bringing many people to faith in Jesus
Oops, time's up. PUBLISH POST...

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