Sunday, September 06, 2009

neglecting this blog...

After an encounter with Labberton's book on worship, I posted this piece on "waywords"; this morning I finally got around to posting this on comparisons.

But what's going on around here? The kids are gone to college, which brings a set of changes to the house. On the plus side, when I make suggestive remarks about the lovely Carol's body, I get only one pair of rolling eyes rather than three. Also, if the front blinds are closed, we can walk around the house without being fully covered. (I don't think the dog gets offended.)

On the negative side, we don't get to see the kids' faces, we don't hear their laughter or the animated conversations they have with their friends, we don't know so much about how their days went, when they've been out (or with whom), etc. It is sometimes very quiet around here.

But that's what we raised them for, isn't it? So they could go out on their own? Didn't we encourage them to go to a residential college rather than Canada or Skyline or CSM or Foothill? Yeah, that helps a little. But it's still too quiet around here sometimes.

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