Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday report

We had a pretty good day Easter Sunday. We went to the early (9:30) service at church; during the next hour I ran a few coffee drinks to where everybody was. If you're interested in a church with great coffee, you really should try us out. We also got a great sermon, explaining why Jesus' resurrection is meaningful for us today. Our younger teenager worked with the kids, and afterwards we took off for the beach -- Montara State Beach.

The beach was lovely. The lovely Carol had baked a birthday cake for a church friend, and while she was at it baked one for us too. We had some of it after eating our bagels. The kids got their feet wet. Many photos were taken. If you're a facebook "friend" with our girls, you can see some.

We came home, and I played some Scrabble with the ex-teenager. I was doing really well -- I mean I was significantly ahead of her (it was pure dumb luck) until she did "BUBBLING" -- arrgh!

That used up all seven of her tiles (one was a blank), and you can be sure there was some colored square (double word or triple letter or something). One of the letters was already there (maybe the "L"). As you know, using all seven letters gives you a 50-point bonus. I never caught up; pure dumb luck was insufficient to compensate for my lack of insight (given "ADZE" on the board, I shoulda put my "S" on the end of it, rather than on whatever dumb place I actually used it in).

Dinner was the stew I'd made the day before. The only sad part was taking the ex-teenager to the airport. It had been so nice having both girls home.

Well, that's what we raise them for, is to send them off. So why does it feel so sad?

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