Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas cards -- on NPR!

This evening, on NPR's All Things Considered, an opinion piece came on, talking about a recent Christmas-card trend. Instead of Jesus and Mary, this person said, one tears open the envelope to find -- photos of the senders! Maybe it's a summer vacation photo, taken on some Caribbean beach -- or maybe the family dressed in red and green....

I like family photos, he says, but he would rather prefer to see them inside the card. Think I'm being too picky? he asked. He suggested that for your next birthday card, he'd send one with a photo of himself on the front. Bad taste? Exactly.

On the outside of the card, how about the Holy Family instead of your family? How about the Virgin Mary instead of the Virgin Islands?

I'm not Catholic, but I certainly enjoyed hearing the man's perspective (he's a Jesuit priest) -- and on NPR too! He was realistic -- he realizes he's fighting Shutterfly and Kodak &c., but still....

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