Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Busy Week

Watching the Obama speech last night I felt very happy. "It's a new day in America," I said. Not so long ago black people couldn't even vote in some states, but now a black man will be our next president. So I feel hopeful for our country -- like we may be making progress in spite of the very disappointing current administration.

But I also want to tell you about last week. Tuesday morning, the lovely Carol's computer crashed. It was gradually getting worse, and Tuesday morning it decided "enough of this gradual stuff." The crash-LEDs claimed it was a problem with RAM, so I pulled out more DIMMS, but that didn't help. The lovely Carol graciously accepted the lack of computer for the day, and I went off to my breakfast appointment.

Only my car wouldn't start. I later found out I'd flooded the engine, but I was already running late, and Carol graciously offered me her car.

So I got over to Denny's and the kitchen was closed for remodeling! I had breakfast -- pie and coffee -- with my buddy anyway. We had a good chat and prayed together.

I began to wonder what all this meant -- I mean, these were inconveniences, not catastrophes; still, I usually don't see quite so many at once.

I returned home and called AAA to get the car towed. I also emailed the office to say I'd be working from home.

The garage is a ten-minute walk from the house, but I rode with the tow truck anyway. The 1986 Toyota was due for a tune-up, and it got new plugs, cap, coil -- and a new battery as well. I'd been meaning to get to that, and now somebody else would. That was about $300.

I don't remember the rest of the week, except that Saturday we had a drop-in event -- noon to 8pm -- to show off some of Sheri's art (see link at right) and to celebrate our completed kitchen. It was a good time, but tiring for an introvert like me.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, I fixed our "new" used computer. The problem was a bad DIMM! So I was feeling pretty good. Car fixed, party went well, computer fixed...

Then came a cry for help from the laundry room. The washer had overflowed! Fortunately, there wasn't *much* water on the floor -- we swept most of it out, I siphoned out enough from the washing machine tub, then had to fix it -- a loose hose.

So what does all this mean? An opportunity to learn patience? A reminder that my life really isn't under my control? (It was a gentle reminder to be sure; these events were really just inconveniences.)

As one of our pastors said recently, now would be a good time to shake the illusion that we're in control, that "more" will somehow be enough, that we don't need God. Indeed.

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kerry said...

I chuckle at your week because I had something similar. Sick kids and husband, a car with a stuck emergency brake, etc... I just take a deep sigh and thnk God he didn't challenge me with something greater. I'll take these gentle reminders that God is in control over the ones that knock you to your knees.