Saturday, October 25, 2008

Still thinking you'll vote for McCain? My vote doesn't matter, but yours might

My vote doesn't matter because I live in California, and all its electoral votes will go for Obama regardless how I vote. But if you're registered to vote in a state that's still "up for grabs," here are some reasons to think McCain might not be the right choice.
  • Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama. Not just the endorsement itself, but take a look at what he said. Here's another article about it.
  • Take a look at "Why Obama Matters" from the Atlantic... which is not exactly your bastion of left-wing demagoguery.
  • You've got your opinion about whether quagmire is spelled I-R-A-Q; take a look at "The Wars of John McCain" to see his.
  • (And if you think from these two that the Atlantic is a fountain of left-wing political correctness, take a look at "The War Against Boys," which puts them on AAUW's hate list, or "On Abortion: A Lincolnian Position," which I'm sure brought about fear and loathing from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NOW.)
But back to the election.

Since I brought up the Lincoln article, I don't like the democratic party's position on abortion. But nearly 20 years of republican supposedly pro-life presidents have done precisely nothing with respect to Roe v. Wade. At this point I don't believe that Republicans can do anything about the issue. We should think about people already walking around. How many Americans and Iraqis have paid too high a price for our military misadventures already? And VietN..., uh, I mean, Iraq is winnable?

What about coal mining deaths here at home, the dire consequences of the disastrous anti-labor administration we now have? How would John change any of that?

Yeah, I'm a registered Republican, and I will probably change that some day. But that doesn't matter for this general election, since I can vote (actually "have voted") for the Democratic presidential candidate. I hope you will too.


jan said...

Hi, there,

Don't know how intensely you feel about this topic, but thought I'd send you a link I thought pertinent, since you mentioned it. Not to try to address the other concerns you raise, but to give a different perspective on this one, perhaps. Here's the link:



collin said...

Thank you, Jan, for the link. I had evidently decided by 2004 that I was no longer a single-issue voter -- and wrote this rant in 2006, when domestic spying (grr...) nationwide, rather than dead coal miners in Kentucky, were on my mind.