Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A relaxing commute

This is a 5-minute exercise because I have a day job -- both a blessing and a curse, right?

This morning, I started up "Fred," our red '86 Toyota. It takes some doing when he's been sitting there for more than a couple of days. Over to the Menlo Park Caltrain station, where I pulled out my "Atlantic" -- it arrived yesterday -- and I didn't open my laptop, didn't write anything, didn't worry about anything.

I read 'til Mountain View, then walked over to the light rail, where I boarded the waiting train and continued reading. I read about Barbara Walters, I read about education (the cruel myth that anybody can go to college and pass freshman English), I read about politics (Obama's ascent -- and also politics of funding a defense against space-rocks). I got off the other train, kept reading, waited for the light to change, walked, and kept reading.

My five minutes are up. It was a nice commute in. Time for work though.

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