Friday, July 27, 2007

Fixing a washing machine: Kenmore series 80, model 110.28802890

If you have a Kenmore Series 80, model number 110.28802890, and your washing machine fills and fills and keeps filling -- even though you've got the water level set on small load... and the book's advice (i.e., ensure sufficient air gap for the drainage hose) doesn't help, then the problem might be what I had. To find out, here's what you gotta do.

First, open up the control panel. If your control panel looks like this:
then pop off both end caps and remove one screw under each one:

Slide the bottom of the control panel toward you then lift it, then flip it over so you can see the underside. On the left side, behind the water level switch, it should look like this:

See that hose? If it's not connected to the water-level control -- i.e., if it's just hanging loose like mine was -- then that will tend to make your washing machine fill and fill and fill, because the water-level control doesn't know how much water is already there.

Anyway, after replacing the hose, I set the water level on "small load" and started it. After a short time, it stopped filling and started agitating. Yipee!

Update: 02 November 2008

It happened again! Same cause, too. So, two tips:
  • When you stick the hose back on, don't just jam it back on; it might fall off again. If you have a hose clamp handy, use that (don't overtighten!) -- if you don't, a piece of solid #12 or #14 wire, wrapped around the end of the hose, should help (again, don't overtighten). Also, is there anything, like a stupid-looking clip, that would tend to put tension on the hose and pull it off the control? Unhook it from said clip.
  • Second, once you replace the hose, drain the washer completely before testing. I drained it only part way, and the pressure or whatever didn't equalize. Move the control over to the spin cycle, then let it drain. Then fill again, setting "small load" and set a timer for about 5 minutes.
Better luck (to us all) next time!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. My washing machine filled until it flooded the laundry room. I followed your simple instructions and it works!!!

collin said...

I'm so happy this was useful to someone!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, great, perfect. Pictures and all! This solved my problem in a flash. Thanks!

Jackie said...

I, too, would like to thank you for this post. Your steps were easy to read and understand, and the pictures were an added bonus! My problem was quickly solved. THANK YOU!!!!!!