Saturday, August 05, 2006

Collin and Jenny went up the hill to share a Gatorade® and a cookie...

So this morning the older teen and I bicycled from our home into the hills, reaching the "summit" (well, more like a pass, really, a saddle point in the hills) in a couple of hours. Our route took us from Redwood City through Atherton and Menlo Park to Sand Hill Road. We took a right onto Portola Road, which took us to Woodside Road -- and up to Skyline Blvd. You can see a picture here courtesy of Google maps, as if you couldn't tell. (The large white rectangles are to save storage space and reduce network traffic.) The green arrows show the outbound direction, and the dark green Google arrow shows our destination on Skyline Blvd. We had a snack and took the much faster trip down Woodside/La Honda Road all the way (magenta arrows) to the Alameda -- then through Atherton back home.

We felt very accomplished -- especially me, pedaling up that hill at my age.

Pretty soon it was time to go. Jenny got about 10" of hair cut off, to donate to "Locks of Love." I went to the office to turn my computer back on (there had been a site-wide power shutoff).

Then off to the airport to pick up the younger teen -- back from two weeks at art camp, where she learned a lot of stuff and had a great time. It was a joyful reunion.

Tomorrow, the lovely Carol returns from a week at a writers' workshop. Then I will go to sleep at a decent hour. It is a great thing to have her in bed with me, and not just for the reason you think.

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