Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nothing worthwhile is easy

So: following the golden rule is Hard. Especially if I take it as it really is, e.g., to give the love my wife wants to receive.

Some years ago (some 30 years ago), when I was in college, I read Rilke's comment that nothing worthwhile is easy. At the time I wondered if we automatically devalue anything that's easy, and if that's all there was to it.

I think we do devalue anything that's easy. "Wow, what a cool ____ you made/wrote/did!"

"Nah -- it was easy."

Almost a tautology: nothing worthwhile is easy....

But here's something else that's not tautological:

Nothing really important is fully in my control.

For example,
  • I want my marriage to last forever.
  • I want my children to come out OK
  • I want my life to have meaning
The good news though is in knowing the One who has a handle on all these things.

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